Looked after children’s well-being in the spotlight

Findings from a survey of over 600 children and young people have been published, focusing on the well-being of looked after children. The report, Our Lives Our Care, published by Coram Voice and the University of Bristol, sets out their findings around what is important to children in care and how they feel about their lives.

Findings of the survey include that 31% of the respondents had had three or more social workers in the previous year, 38% had had two social workers, and 3% had not had a social worker at all. Nearly a quarter of those aged 4–7 were unsure who their social worker was, and less than half of those aged 11–18 said that their social worker was easy to get in touch with. Nearly a third of children aged 4–7 said they did not have a good understanding of why they were in care.


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